Regional Networking Forum 2023

Strengthening interprovincial cooperation among stakeholders regarding climate change adaptation, flood and disaster risk reduction in Central Vietnam is a key objective of the FloodAdaptVN project. As the first activity, the 1st Regional Networking Forum on Climate Change Adaptation, Flood and Disaster Risk Reduction was held on April 25, 2023 with selected stakeholders from Thừa Thiên Huế Province and the neighbouring provinces of Quảng Bình, Quảng Trị and Đà Nẵng City. The event facilitated the exchange of experiences on past flood events and supported the identification of topics for joint action and mutual learning in the region as well as for the future cooperation with research projects and institutions. The discussion was enriched by the active participation of a representative of the water management associations Emschergenossenschaft and Lippeverband and of members of the FloodAdaptVN consortium.
Topics identified for direct interprovincial cooperation include the management of surface water, water reservoirs and ecosystems as well as the improvement of data exchange. Topics of interest for mutual learning relate in particular to flood risk management and to the forward-looking and risk-based urban and infrastructure planning. Further training of different stakeholder groups and the support in university teaching were identified as key contributions that research institutions can make to climate change adaptation, disaster and flood risk management in Central Vietnam.
The results will be incorporated into the research work of the FloodAdaptVN project and into the planning of future networking activities.

Figure 1: Regional Networking Forum group.

Figure 2: Regional Networking Forum discussions.