Knowledge Exchange Portal

The ongoing dialogues between FloodAdaptVN participants and key stakeholders have brought to light crucial insights regarding the pressing need to enhance flood risk assessment capabilities, develop future scenarios, adopt evidence-based decision-making practices for integrated Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and adaptation, and raise awareness about risk transfer and ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) potentials. As a response to these needs, FloodAdaptVN has taken a significant stride in fostering mutual knowledge development and exchange through an iterative co-development approach.

Our visionary concept revolves around creating a robust platform for sharing knowledge and expertise, which is integral to our mission of building flood resilience across the region. By blending both online and in-person interactions, we have crafted a dynamic approach that remains adaptable even in the face of challenging circumstances like the COVID-19 pandemic.

The heart of our strategy lies in the following objectives:

  • Leveraging Existing Resources, Skills, and Perspectives
  • Initiating Sustainable and Inclusive Transformation
  • Identifying “Best Fit” Solutions
  • Fostering Mutual Learning

At FloodAdaptVN, we believe that knowledge is the most potent tool in the fight against floods. Together, through our collaborative efforts, we are taking strides towards a more resilient, flood-ready future.

FAVN-01 - Introduction to cloud-based Earth Observation with Google Earth Engine (2021-03-19)

First FloodAdaptVN knowledge exchange webinar on processing of satellite images in cloud environments. The focus of this webinar was on the Google Earth Engine tool.

FAVN-02 - Introduction to the Economics of Climate Adaptation (ECA) Framework & CLIMADA modelling tool (2022-12-13&14)

The webinar dicussed the the need for quantitative approaches in the frame of the CLIMADA modelling tool, as well as the Economics of Climate Adaptation (ECA) Framework

FAVN-03 - Introduction to mobile data collection platforms (2023-04-22)

The webinar introduced mobile data collection platforms for surveys and in situ data collection

FAVN-04 - Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) (2023-05-07)

FloodAdaptVN provides a training on Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) for students at HUIS